If You’re Following This Blog…

…first, thank you! I truly do appreciate it! Your support means a lot to me.

But second, you should probably head over to Shoemaker.Space and follow me there.

I’m trying to consolidate my “writer brand” to a single brand; and in my opinion, Shoemaker.Space is a heck of a brand! Especially with all those great photos from NASA and art from great artists.

But it’s more than just great visuals: Shoemaker.Space is easy to say in a crowded room, and easy for people to remember. (Well, except for those people who insist on adding a .com onto the end. No, it’s just .Space. That’s a valid domain extension now. It has been for three years. Maybe four.)

And it’s great for my “message”. My preferred fiction to read and to write is what I call Neo-Apollo: stories that capture the spirit of the Apollo era and project it out into our near future and near space. Shoemaker.Space says that loud and clear!

So someday soon, this site will redirect to Shoemaker.Space. But this content won’t be lost! Thanks to the magic of WordPress, all of my blog posts (except this one) have already been imported over there, including your comments. And if you had a commenting account here, you already have one there — though you’ve been assigned a new, random password. No, I can’t tell you what it is: WordPress protects that even from me. You’ll have to use the Reset Password link to enter a new one.

I have a lot of exciting plans for Shoemaker.Space to help me grow my reputation and my audience. It’s all secret right now (unless you ask — you know how easily flattered I am), and I hope you’ll follow along!



3 thoughts on “If You’re Following This Blog…

  1. Eventually you will evolve to EvilMartinInSpace.com, but until then…

    On the subject of Neo-Apollo, I prefer the term you coined a while back, “Blue Collar Science Fiction.” It has a nice ring to it, and it sounds a lmore marketable. Anyway, that’s my two cents.

    Looking forward to upcoming posts.


    • Blue Collar Space is my name for the common universe for my Moon-Mars-Aldrin-Pournelle System stories. So one reason I prefer Neo-Apollo is it’s a generic term, and Blue Collar Space is a specific term.

      And yes, I hope it’s marketable as hell!

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